Low Budget Clip or Lapel MicrophonesIf you are reading this post, there’s a big chance that you are looking to buy microphones for your YouTube videos.


In this article, I will suggest you the cheap and best microphones for your superior videography. I still use them for my own YouTube videos too.

We’ll also look at some of the most popular microphones used by most of the YouTubers around the world.

So let’s begin…


What it is and Why should you use it?

If you are one of those passionate YouTubers, the chances are you already know about it.

In that case, you may only want to explore the products which I recommend. If it is so, you can skip to the bottom of this post.

Otherwise, let me tell you what a lapel mic is.

If you know about the term “Lapel” then you might have already visualized what a lapel mic is. And if not, you’re going to visualize it in a few seconds.

Let me show you what we call a “Lapel“:


An Example of Lapel


Now you’ve already visualized it — Am I right? I know I am.

Yes, it’s the same mic that we see every now and then in TV Shows, Seminars, Meetings or your Favorite YouTube Videos.

Here are some more images for you if you still have no idea what we’re talking about:

Example of A Lapel Mic
Image Source: Amazon IN


Lapel Mic Example 2
Image Source: andertons.co.uk


Now let’s move on to the topic…


The Mics I Recommend & Use Myself

In this section, I’ll show you the mics that I use for myself and also recommend you to use. In the next section, we’ll see some of the most popular mics used by most of the Popular YouTubers.


Now here’s my first recommendation for you:

1. Generic Microphone from Amazon

Generic Lapel Mic from Amazon
Image Source: Amazon IN

Available on Amazon


When it comes to a better noise reduction and compatibility, I have another option for you. But still, this is my first recommendation because of its build quality.

Now I’m not telling you that this microphone is not good — when it comes to noise reduction and compatibility.

It’s only because the other one is a little bit better than this one. But the other one lacks the build quality and durability.

Also, the price of the other one is a little bit higher than this Generic one. At the time I bought this microphone, It was priced approx ₹320/ but now the price is dropped to ₹299/- and it may change again. Check the current price here: http://amzn.to/2xWB6dL

This Generic Mic is very good in every manner except the compatibility factor. I’ve tested it and it worked very fine with my phone but it didn’t work on my laptop.

In the review video of this microphone, I received a lot of comments telling me that it didn’t work with their devices. The comments include many smartphones and PCs. But yet the build quality of this microphone is too good to be neglected.

The Microphone is covered with a hard metal body and the sponge to filter the noises of the wind. The Clip is also made of metal and is very strong to stay attached to your outfit. It has a 3.5mm jack for connecting it to your recording device.

It records the sounds in very good quality and also reduces external noises. The voice recording of this microphone sounds very original compared to the other one.

So to conclude, This mic is very good but there is a chance that it might not work with your recording devices. But the good thing is, you can always return or replace the item if it doesn’t work for you.
If you want to watch the complete Unboxing & Review of this microphone and also the comparison with the other one. Here’s a video for you in Hindi:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2EQbH0B-PI[/embedyt]

If you are planning to buy this microphone, here is the link to Buy it from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xWB6dL

Or you can buy this one from Flipkart if you don’t like to shop with Amazon: Buy it From Flipkart

Key Points:

  • Metal Body (Good Build Quality)
  • Noice Reduction
  • Metal Clip (Good Build Quality)
  • Good Wire Quality
  • 3.5mm Jack Connection
  • Not Compatible with All Devices

Now let’s move on to the next microphone that I use and recommend to you…



2. Sorella’z Portable Mini Lapel Microphone

Sorellaz Clip Microphone
Image Source:Amazon IN

Available on Amazon

This microphone is my 2nd recommendation. “But when it comes to Noice Reduction and Compatibility, it is the best microphone that I’ve used till now.” It is compatible with the most of the devices and I haven’t heard any complaint about this microphone.

The only thing that brings it to the second position is its build quality which is not so good. The wire quality is not good and also the microphone is completely made of plastic.

The clip is also made of plastic which is very weak to hold it to your outfit and gets detached in some cases. “If you can compromise on the build quality, I recommend you to buy this one instead of the Generic Mic above.“

Likewise the Generic Mic, I tested it too. And guess what? It worked with all the devices that I have.
It also comes with a 3.5mm jack connectivity along with a 1.5-meter long wire. The wire length was not provided for the generic mic but they are of the same length.

If you would like to watch the complete Unboxing & Review video of this microphone (also the comparison with the generic mic). Watch the video included in this article above.

Want to buy it? Buy it from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2uM3lrr

Key Points:

  • Better Noise Reduction
  • Compatible with Most Devices
  • 3.5mm Jack Connectivity
  • Plastic Body (Light Weight)
  • Low Build Quality

This one is not available on Flipkart. But if would like to buy a similar mic then you can consider this one: Sorella’z Mic Alternative from Flipkart

If you are looking for a microphone suitable for your DSLR then consider buying this one. Make sure to check the reviews because I haven’t used it. Here’s the link: Ahuza Lapel Mic for DSLR

Now let’s move on to the next section. Here we’ll see the most popular microphones used by the most popular Indian YouTubers.


The Popular Microphones among YouTubers

Now in this section, I’ll show you some of the most popular microphones used by Indian YouTubers.

As I haven’t used them, I can’t give you a detailed review of them. I’ll show you the products only and it is up to you to decide if you want to buy them or not.

The two Flipkart links right above this section are the mics used by My Smart Support YouTube channel i.e., Mr. Dharmendra Kumar.

You might have watched his review video about the microphones. I took the link from the same video.
Here’s the Ahuja Mic that he was talking about, in his video:

Ahuza Clip Microphone from Flipkart
Image Source: Flipkart

If you would like to buy this one, here is the link again for Flipkart: Ahuza Lapel Mic for DSLR
The other microphone that is so popular among YouTubers worldwide is Blue Yeti. You might have already heard about it. Here are some pictures and clickable links to buy them if you wish:

Blue Yeti White Microphone
Image Source: Amazon


This microphone is the lowest priced Blue Yeti Microphone. It will cost you approx ₹7,999/- on Amazon. Again this one is not available on Flipkart.

I have seen this microphone used by Carry Minati i.e., Ajey Nagar and Technical Guruji i.e., Gourav Choudhry. Yet, I’m not sure if it’s the same microphone or not.

Here is the other Blue Yeti Microphone that might be the correct one:

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Black
Image Source: Amazon IN


As said above, I’m not sure which is the correct one used by Carry Minati & Technical Guruji. But I’m sure that they’ve used Blue Yeti in their videos. This black edition comes at a cost of approx ₹20,554/- on Amazon.

If you want to buy any of the Blue Yeti microphones, You have only one choice which is Amazon. Flipkart doesn’t have this product on their website.

So that was it. I’ve shown you the lowest budget clip microphones that I use and also introduced you to the most popular microphones among the famous Indian YouTubers.

Now it’s your time to decide which one to buy for yourself. If you have any other questions or suggestions, let me know in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to answers your questions.

If you feel this article will be helpful for someone like you and me, please feel free to share it with them. For now, Have an awesome day and Happy YouTubing!

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