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The recently launched SONATA ACT watch is already getting a lot of attention from every one of us. And there’s No doubt in, what’s the reason behind its popularity? It is made for women safety, launched by the  TATA Group of Companies. 


As we know, it is made for the women safety. So, first of all, we must thank TATA Group of Companies for taking this step forward for the women’s safety. Definitely, we will see many more innovative products like this with lots of improvements. But yet, let’s see  How effective is this watch when it comes to women safety? How to use it? How does it work? And many more things about it…

The SONATA ACT watch works with the ACT (App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker)  technology. It has 3 different models with different colors. All the watches are analog.

The watch has a Panic Alarm button positioned just straight to no. 8 (VIII) on the clock. I have shown it in the screenshot below:

SONATA ACT Watch - Silver Black with Panic Button

As I have already mentioned, it works with the  ACT (App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker) technology. I think you have already figured it out that it needs an app to work from the name of the technology used in it.

Yes, you must have the app to make it work. Without the app, it’s nothing but just a watch. The app is available for Android and iOS platform with the name ACT by SONATA. So you must have a smartphone to use the safety feature. It’s a little bit of disappointment because not every woman uses the smartphones.

In fact, if you check the survey data then only 17-20% women in India are using smartphones. So it’s still not the best way for the women safety. But yet, the good news is that we can still use this product to secure 17-20% of them. Check out their official ad below if you want:


How to use SONATA ACT watch for the women safety?

First of all, you have to install the app named as the ACT by SONATA. The app is available in the Google Play Store and iOS Store.

If you are using Android Smartphone, then you must have Android 4.4 or greater.

As you may already know. This watch sends SMS and Notifications with the location to selected persons. All you have to do is, “Just press the Panic Alarm Button twice”.

The SONATA ACT watch uses your smartphone to send the SMS to the location using Bluetooth. So you must have to keep the Bluetooth of your phone always “ON” and the GPS also, to trace the location.

After turning ON the Bluetooth of your phone, you have to pair it. To pair your SONATA ACT watch with your smartphone just press the panic alarm button twice.

After pairing your watch with the smartphone, it will be registered with your Device ID and Registered Mobile No. that you will register on the ACT by SONATA app.

After opening the app enter your details. And list all your emergency contacts on the app by manual typing or from the phone-book (Contacts).

That’s not all,…
your parents/guardians/selected persons will also have to install the app. They will have to register as guardian/parents on the app using the details.
The SONATA ACT watch not only sends the SMS but also sends a notification to the app installed by the guardian.

Still, that’s not all,…
you must have Balance/SMS Pack and Data Balance so that it can work. If you don’t have the balance on the phone, then the SMS won’t be sent. And if you don’t have the Data Balance then, the notification will not be sent. And also it will be difficult to trace the location.

So you must have either Main Balance/SMS Pack or Data Balance to use this feature. But it is always the best to have the combination of them. i.e., Having both, Main Balance/SMS Pack and Data Balance.



So, should you buy it?

Well, that depends. If you can afford all the conditions on which it works, then you can go for it.

As turning on your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS with Data will cost battery power of your phone. Smartphones are already a problem when it comes to battery life on the phone and this will increase it. Also, the data packs are costly.

The watch doesn’t guaranty the safety while having so many conditions. So it depends on you, whether you can adjust or not. But off-course it will increase your security. So it’s not so bad either.

Conclusion:  We must appreciate the step taken by the TATA Group of Companies to bring SONATA ACT. But still, it can be better. As it has limitations while having lots of conditions it can’t be your happy choice. There’s no doubt that we will see some improvements soon and may be better products than this. Hope to have some better solutions while admiring it from the heart.

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